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Custom Special SMT Nozzles
Assembleon / Yamaha 30 Series
Topaz Emerald, Eclipse II, YV88II, 100A, 100II Nozzles
Assembleon / Yamaha 50 Series
Sapphire Comet, YV112 Nozzles
Assembleon / Yamaha 60 Series
Emerald X, Emerald XII, YV88X, YV88XG Nozzles
Assembleon / Yamaha 70 Series
Topaz-X,XII, Opal-XII, Sapphire-XII, YV-100X, Xg, XTg,XE,, YV180X, Xg Nozzles Nozzles
Assembleon / Yamaha 200 Series
MG-1,1R,2 YG100A, B, RB, YG200, L Nozzles
Assembleon / Yamaha 300 Series
MC-(1-24X),MG-3,3R,YG12,12F,YS(12-24X), YSM10,20 YG300 Nozzles
Fuji AIMEX DX-R4 Dyna head nozzles
Fuji AIMEX III DX-S1 head nozzles
Fuji NXT / AIM
NXT / AIM mechanical gripper nozzle
NXT / AIM Nozzles - H24
NXT / AIM Nozzles - H08/H12/V12
NXT / AIM Nozzles - H08M
NXT / AIM Nozzles - H04
NXT / AIM Nozzles - H04S
NXT / AIM Nozzles - H01/H02/G
NXT / AIM filters
NXT / AIM vacuum pump rebuild kit
NXT / AIM Cutter Blade Repair
Fuji XP241 / XP242 / XP341
XP241/242/341 nozzles
Fuji XP142 / 143E / XPF
XP-141 nozzles
XP-142/143 nozzles
XP 142/143/XPF filters
Fuji CP7 & CP8
CP7 & CP8 Nozzles
CP7 & CP8 Anti-Marking Illumination Disks
CP7 & CP8 Mechanical Valve
CP7 & CP8 Cutter Blades
CP7 & CP8 Feeder parts and all other
Fuji CP6
CP6 Nozzles
CP6 Anti-Marking Illumination Disks
CP6 Mechanical Vacuum Valve
CP6 Cutter Blades
CP6 Feeder parts and all other
Fuji CP4
CP4 Nozzles
CP4 Anti-Marking Illumination Disks
CP4 Cutter Blades
CP4 Feeder parts and all other
CP4 mechanical vacuum valve rebuild kit
Fuji QP3
QP3 Nozzles
QP3 filters
QP3 Other Parts
QP Motor Feeder Parts
Fuji QP2
QP2 Single Nozzles, Front Light
QP2 Single Nozzles, Back Light
QP2 Single Anti-Marking Illumination Disks
QP2 Index Nozzles
QP2 Anti-Marking Illumination Disks
QP2 Other Parts
Fuji IP3
IP3 Nozzles
Custom IP3 with Conformable QP Style Cup
IP3 mechanical gripper
IP3 filter
IP BFE Type Feeder Tape Retainers
IP Motor Feeder Parts
IP3 Other Parts
Fuji IP1, IP2
IP1 & IP2 Nozzles
IP1 & IP2 Nozzle Cups (Pads)
IP1 & IP2 LED Disk Repair
IP1 & IP2 Other Parts
Fuji NP153
NP153 Nozzles
NP153 Anti-Marking Illumination Disks
Fuji GL
GL-1, 2 & 5 Glue Needles
GL Other Parts
Fuji CP/IP/QP Feeder Parts
CP-4, 6, 7 & 8 Tape Retainers
CP-4, 6, 7 & 8 Feeder Take Up Reel Assembly
IP BFE Type Feeder Tape Retainers
IP/QP Motor Feeder Parts
Juki 2000 series
Juki nozzles
Juki 700 series
Juki nozzles
Juki RS-1 RSE
Juki nozzles
Orion Vacuum Pump (Fuji & Others)
Orion Vacuum Pump Rebuild Service
Orion KH-750A & KHA-750A Vacuum Pump Rebuild Parts
Orion KHA-400 Vacuum Pump Rebuild Parts
Panasert MV Nozzles
Panasert MVIIF Cutter Blades
Panasert MK Nozzles
Panasert MSH Nozzles
Panasert MSR Nozzles
Panasert Other Parts
Panasonic CM201/202
Panasonic CM201/202 nozzles
Universal Flexhead inline 4 (4spindle head)
Universal Flexjet 07-09 (7 spindle head)
Universal Flexjet 2-3 Inline 7 (7 spindle head) FZ7
Universal Lightning HSC FZ30
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Electronic parts
Mechanical parts

SMD 3 Vision System
Process Optimization & Calibration
SMT Machine Rebuild Service
Orion Vacuum Pump Rebuild Service
Fuji Feeder Cleaning, Repair, and Calibration
Machining Services

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