Field Service

  1. Labor Rate - $150.00 per hour. Flexible shifts during weekdays, if customer's production schedule requires and if scheduled in advance.
  2. P.O.D. Fee - $75.00 per hour if required.
  3. Travel Fee - $50.00 per hour. Our technician is at the customer's location at the start of the business week. We do not charge full labor rate for travel time.
  4. Expense Rate - $150 per day, unless lodging at customer’s location requires a higher rate.
  5. Mileage - $0.495 per mile. Mileage is not charged if engineer rents a vehicle. Airfare and car rental will be charged at available rates when scheduled. Scheduling at least 2 weeks in advance will reduce these charges.
Services Provided
  1. Machine maintenance and breakdown service.
  2. Troubleshooting and repair of electrical and mechanical systems.
  3. Machine rebuild. Examples: CP Series - cam box rebuilds, ball-screw replacement, turret replacement, vision system component replacement, calibration; IP Series – placement head rebuilds, ball screw replacement, vision system component replacement & calibration, multi-tray unit component replacement & calibrations; QP Series – placement head rebuilds, ball-screw replacement, vision system component replacement and calibrations.
  4. Machine component rebuilds. Examples: CP-6 Series - placement head rebuild & calibration, placement shaft rebuild & calibration CP Series - vacuum pump rebuild, mechanical spool valve rebuild.
  5. Training- Machine operator, preventative maintenance, calibration, troubleshooting, lubrication, feeder inspection, maintenance, and calibration.
The Process Optimization Device (P.O.D.) Process Evaluation and Improvement Service
  1. Measure machine Cp & Cpk data.
  2. Analyze statistical placement accuracy. Identify mechanical issues.
  3. Calibration of machines utilizing measured statistical data.
  4. Perform analysis and correction of programs including line balancing, program optimization, and component part data files.
  5. Submit report of certified process data for customer’s evaluation.
Machines Serviced
  • Screen Printers – GSP and GP series
  • Glue machines - GL 2, 5, GL 541
  • CP machines - CP2, CP3 and CP4 series, and CP6 series, CP7 series of equipment.
  • IP 1, 2, 3 series of equipment.
  • QP machines - QP242, QP341, QP351
  • Some experience on the following machines: NP series, XP series
Programming Software Platforms
  • MCS2
  • F4G
  • FujiCam
  • Flexa

How To Order

Phone: (847) 587‑7200
Fax: (847) 587‑7851